When a couple gets married, their intentions are to have a happy marriage, with a wonderful family, that lasts forever and ever. A growing number of couples are getting married; unfortunately, not to their soul mate. More and more couples are choosing divorce over sticking it out with someone they can’t bring themselves to live with any longer. Divorce has become a common theme amongst young couples in their 20s and couples within the first 10 years of their relationship. There are a number of different factors that weigh into the decision to get a divorce. An article from marriage.com supplied the information we used to create this list.

Some Common Reasons for Divorce

Infidelity – We see it in TV shows and movies all the time, but that’s just dramatics for the big screen, right? Wrong. Extra-marital affairs are one of the most common reasons for marriages that end in divorce. People cheat for a variety of reasons, maybe they’re looking to spice up their sex life, maybe they’re angry with their partner, maybe they just feel detached from the person they once lived deeply. Whatever the reason is, it can be a crushing blow to a marriage that was already shaky.

Money – Money, money, money, mooo-ney. Everything about money can make a relationship toxic. If the two partners have different financial goals, the spending habits of the other partner may put an immense amount of strain on the couple. Money can also factor in if one partner makes more than the other. This can create a power struggle between the two partners.

No Communication – Communication is key in any relationship whether it’s between a friend and you, a coach and his/her players, a boss and his underlings, and your spouse and you. Without communication, one party may become frustrated and feel left out. Practicing good communication is key to a successful marriage. You should never be afraid to talk to your partner. Tell them how you feel and share your feelings with your partner.

Arguing – A sign of a relationship going south is constant arguing. Constant arguing can make each spouse feel like they’re not being heard or appreciated. Sometimes a fix to this can be taking a step back and looking at it from the other person’s point of view.

Weight Gain – We know, this reason is messed up. But it’s true, weight gain is one of the most common reasons that couples get divorced. It’s not because there is a change in personality, but it can be as simple as one person isn’t as physically attracted to the other anymore. This can also have an effect on yourself. If you have gained weight, your self-esteem may drop making you less physically intimate.

Unrealistic Expectations – Often, people enter a marriage and think that everything is going to be cupcakes and rainbows. Unfortunately, that’s more than likely not going to be the case. There are going to be some rough times and some issues you have to push through. Don’t go into marriage with the idea you and your spouse are never going to argue, it’s unrealistic and can cause a rift between the two of you.

Absence of Intimacy – The responsibility, for this reason, falls on both parties. This isn’t always about physical intimacy, emotional intimacy can also play a role. If one party is acting cold or disconnected from the other, it can leave the other party feeling under appreciated. Practice little acts of kindness and affection to constantly remind your loved one that you appreciate them.

Shortage of Equality – This reason comes into play if one party feels like they are making more of an effort to the marriage. This can lead to resentment, which can lead to extra-marital affairs or divorce.

Not Ready for Marriage – Sometimes, you’re just not ready for married life. Divorce rates among couples who get married in their 20s are high. Almost half of the couples that get a divorce are within the first ten years of the marriage.

Abuse – Abuse covers not just physical abuse, but emotional abuse as well. Emotional abuse can stem from a reason that is unsettling to one party whether it is a deeper emotional issue or something within the marriage. No reason for abuse is acceptable and no one should be forced to tolerate it.