10 Psychic Powers You Can Access Today

lady psychic 10 psychic powers you can access today

There are many people that claim to have psychic powers. Although they may not understand what they are, most of us have had strange experiences throughout our lives making us believe we have tapped into something special. Unfortunately, unless you are able to identify what those powers are, you may not be able to hone those natural skills into something much more prominent and appealing. Here are a few examples of the 10 psychic powers that are the most common, some of which you may be using every day.

What Are Psychic Powers?

These are powers which originate from beyond our five sensory input. They may also include energy that you can send out from yourself. In general, psychics are defined as individuals that have extrasensory perception. They are capable of tapping into these skills that other people may not be able to use at all. An example of a very common skill that many people have is to know who is calling before the phone even rings. Skeptics will refer to this as coincidence, but once it happens multiple times, it is quite obvious that this is a skill that you have instead of a random occurrence. Therefore, psychic powers relate to things that you can do which are simply not explainable.


How Many Psychic Powers Can You Have?

To some degree, we all have psychic abilities. We may simply take them for granted because we have always utilize them throughout our lives. One of those has already been mentioned, this pre-cognitive ability, that allows us to be warned of danger or even anticipate things that are going to happen before they occur. There are a select few that can embrace multiple powers at the same time. It is likely the result of your lineage and genetics. After all, psychic abilities are built into our DNA. It is a natural ability, not one that is simply the result of hearsay or happenstance. That being said, let’s discuss the 10 most, psychic powers that you may be able to embrace.

10 Psychic Powers That You May Have Right Now

Whether these are referred to as psychic powers, or psychic abilities, these are abilities that are not related to everyday occurrences. You may pick up information that seems to come from nowhere, going far beyond inspiration, or you may have notice that you have the ability to affect electronic equipment. Here are the top 10 psychic powers that you may be using right now.



Precognition is a power that most of us have experienced. You may have had a premonition about something that is going to occur. It could come in the form of a daydream, or a thought that preoccupied your mind for a few seconds, and many people will have dreams that are also precognitive.

divination 1


Divination is very similar to precognition in the sense that you will see imagery coming into your mind. The difference is that you are purposefully trying to determine what is going to happen next. This is a skill that people for thousands of years of used
all over the world. They may use sticks, dice, or it may simply come to them in the form of imagery that preoccupies their immediate focus. It allows you to consider the many different paths that lie before you, and potentially choose one that is best suited for what you would like to do.


Automatic Writing

This is a skill that not all people have. In the same way that you receive images through divination and precognition, this comes out in the form of writing things down. Many people will take a few moments to meditate, clear their mind, and then they will allow their hands to begin to write things down. This can go on for just a few seconds, or even minutes, depending upon the message that is being sent to you. In some cases, you may even have drawings that will go along with what you are writing to make the message even clearer.



This is an ancient technique that has also been used for thousands of years. Prior to the advent of large drills that could bore deep into the ground to find water, people would use things like willow branches or even pieces of metal to discern where water could come up from the ground. It is even use today by those that believe in the power of dowsing, paying people hundreds of dollars to pick the best spot for the well they are going to drill. This can also be used to find water pipes, which can save you quite a bit of money, as you will become attracted to the water in the ground itself.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Also referred to as hands-on healing, this is a process by which you will lay your hands on another individual and in part a certain type of energy. In the Eastern traditions, this is called Chi or Prana. There are many groups, such as those that teach Reiki, that can literally charge another person with their energy. There are those that believe it is not actually the life force of your body, but the energy that comes from the universe using your body as a conduit. Regardless of where it comes from, if you have the ability to do this, you can heal yourself and others.

objects floating


Also referred to as telekinesis, this is a very unique power that very few people have. It is the ability to move objects with nothing more than a thought. You have likely seen television shows, or read books, about this topic. If this were something that people could do more regularly, you would not need to walk over to items that you would like to hold. Although the items that are often moved are very small, it is still a power that you might be able to develop with focus and practice.



This is a form of communication that occurs from mind to mind. It is thought to have been the original way that people communicated. This could either be a very good skill, or one that could be detrimental, depending upon the amount of information that you would have access to. You might learn secrets about people that you know, perhaps learning that they really didn’t like you at all. However, if we could communicate with telepathy, it would be an excellent way to bypass the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of languages that prevent us from communicating with others.



This is a skill that even fewer people possess, and it is thought to have diminished over the centuries. Those that are truly adept in the art of spiritual practices are said to have the ability to levitate. This has been featured on many television shows and movies. The people that do this are primarily using special effects or gimmicks to accomplish this task. However, if you could levitate, you could literally fly, and this could be a very useful skill. Keep in mind that it is so rare that there are usually only stories of those that have this miraculous power.



This skill is a combination of a natural skill, such as divination or precognition, yet it is also the result of a great deal of practice and work. You begin your remote viewing with nothing more than numerical coordinates which have absolutely no meaning to you. Then, you will open your mind to information that will come in, and you will write this information down. It is a very focused and deliberate way of utilizing the innate skills of precognition, divination, automatic writing, and even telepathy.


Astral Projection

This final skill has actually been studied in universities such as Stanford University. There are people with doctorates that have literally perfected the ability to induce an out of body or lucid dream event. Although it is thought to be completely mental, there are those that believe that individuals that do this are traveling with their soul or what is called their astral body. Instead of the body being directly connected to the life force, there is a third component to the person that you are. This is your true self, the one that is able to leave your body, and travel into astral planes and different dimensions. At the very least, studies have been done to show that people can travel to actual physical locations. You may want to consider this as a great starting point if you want to work on your psychic abilities.

These psychic abilities are likely available to you. Although the skill of levitation may not be easy to achieve, there are many stories in history of those that have had this ability. In most cases, these are individuals that have spent most of their lives meditating, and are not connected to the physical world at all. Their primary focus is on the spiritual, which may allow them to have this unique ability. However, it is likely that you can easily begin to learn how to do dowsing, divination, or even remote viewing. Regardless of what psychic skill you decide to pursue, these are the top 10 psychic powers that are often talked about by individuals that believe in these possibilities.

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