7 Ways To Prevent Psychic Attacks

Lady psychic 7 ways to prevent psychic attacks


Are you experiencing a psychic attack? Many individuals believe that they are being attacked psychically by others. This is a common thought, especially when your mood begins to shift erratically, apparently for no reason at all. You may also start to notice that things in your life are changing for the worse. Although you try your best, there seems to be another reason that your life is becoming unbearable. That is why many people believe that they must protect themselves from psychic attacks that could be affecting right now. Are psychic attacks real? Let’s take a look at whether or not you can be attacked psychically by another person.

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What Are Psychic Attacks?

A psychic attack is thought to occur as a result of another person that has developed their psychic abilities to an extreme. They are able to affect people at a distance, making their lives completely imbalanced, and it may lead to financial problems, relationship issues, or even difficulties with their health. When people talk about psychic attacks, they are often looked at with disdain. It is not something that most people believe in. However, when the odds are seemingly stacked in your favor, and you consistently lose, you have to assume something else is happening.

Common Psychic Attacks

It is very common for people to experience a psychic attack that comes in the form of inopportune moments. You may have a span of time where everything that you do is taking a turn for the worse. It could be a relationship that you are in, or perhaps your job has recently let you go, and you are wondering what you can do next. If you have done nothing wrong, yet everything is becoming unbearable, you may want to consider some form of spiritual protection.


What Is Spiritual Protection?

Spiritual protection is a very open-ended topic. It depends on what your background is, what religious beliefs you follow, or if you are simply a spiritual person. If you happen to have a particular relic or item that you consider to be holy, you could use that to protect yourself. This could come in the form of a cross, crucifix, or even a different religious symbol that you feel would offer you some form of protection. On the other hand, if you follow beliefs related to spirituality or Wicca, you may want to cast spells or practice visualization in order to protect yourself. Many people will hire those that are adept in their particular belief system to say prayers, cast very specific spells, all in an attempt to provide them with protection.

Why Would You Want To Consult With A Psychic?

One other option that you have available is consulting with the psychic. They may be able to tell you several things about what is occurring. A psychic is an individual that will be able to see into your life. You can do this either in person or you could do this by phone. It’s becoming more common to do this through videoconferencing. There are several businesses that have hundreds of available psychics that can offer you help. They may be able to determine who is attacking you psychically, and also offer you some advice on how to protect yourself. That’s why consulting with a psychic may be the best solution for you so that you can stop these psychic attacks.

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If you want to know if someone is attacking you psychically, meeting with a psychic may be the best way to identify the perpetrator. At the very least, they can give you insight as to what is going wrong with your life, and may offer you options that can help you resolve any situation. It is important to only work with a psychic that has a tracker could for providing this type of assistance. You can evaluate them on the different websites that offer these services to people that believe they are under psychic attack.


7 Ways That You Can Prevent Psychic Attacks

Once you have spoken with a psychic, or a spiritual mentor, they will likely offer you several solutions. There are seven specific ways that you can protect yourself from a psychic attack if that is truly occurring.

Surround Yourself With White Light

This is a visualization technique that people have used for centuries. The ability to visualize white light surrounding yourself, and engulfing perhaps your home, is a great way to to prevent further psychic attacks. Since the attack itself is coming from a mental and spiritual perspective, this is likely going to offer you some protection.

Create An Altar

You may want to consider creating an altar that you can use to protect yourself using crystals, herbs, and candles. You will want to have a clear quartz crystal that can be used to enhance your powers, and at the same time, a dark crystal that can absorb the negative energy. You may want to also have an amethyst handy to provide you with healing, or at least the ability to increase your power to you yourself. The herbs that you should have will include lavender, frankincense, and lemon oil if you can find it. Finally, by using candle magic, you can protect yourself very easily by channeling all of that negative energy into the flames. The combination of all of these factors will help you protect yourself from a psychic attack that may currently be happening.

Move From The Area

Although this may seem like a very unhelpful strategy, many psychic attacks are location-based. In fact, if you moved to a different location, and your luck or life begins to change for the better, you can quickly identify whether or not this is a psychic attack based upon your current location. The longer you are away, the less power those attacks will have, and you can move back within a day or two. It will also give you time to prepare for the type of protection that you will need if the perpetrator is continuing to attack you.

Get Professional Help

Professionals that work with individuals that are under psychic attack can come from many different backgrounds. These could be priests, shamans, or a spiritual leader that is capable of deflecting the attack itself.

Do A Counter Visualization

This is a visualization where you envision your life being exactly as you wanted. By holding that image, your own personal power will begin to make it manifest. In that imagery, it is devoid of those that are constantly attacking you. Therefore, the reality that you are manifesting will act as a shield by not allowing those attacks to get in.

Improve Your Attitude

It is well known that the attitude of an individual can play a large role in the power of the psychic attack. They often use a reflective spell, or a reflective visualization, to literally reflect your attitude back at you. The way that you are constantly thinking creates a certain frequency of energy. That energy is what they are utilizing. Regardless of what you are thinking of constantly, by changing it from what could be a dark and sad way of perceiving the world, you should begin to look at the things you are grateful for and the positive things in your life. Once you do that, they will not have the ability to reflect your energy back at you to create this negative situation.

Daily Meditations

The world around us is a place that is the result of our thoughts. Although you may not believe that, there are indications in many cultures that this is true. At the very least, by changing the way that you are perceiving the events of your life, or even how you perceive yourself, can have an effect on the direction that your life takes. By meditating on a more positive and powerful version of your life, this will accomplish two things. It will make their attack less effective, but it will also create a shield of positive energy around you by simply meditating on the way you want your life to be.

Speak With A Psychic

A psychic may be your measure of last resort. If you have tried everything, you will need to speak with an individual that can connect with you spiritually. By doing so, they may be able to identify things in your life that are making you weaker, or at least more susceptible, to a psychic attack if it is constantly occurring. They can also help you potentially identify the person or individuals that are attacking you. By understanding who they are, this will allow you to create a proper protection spell, or a protected visualization, that will block their specific energy.

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If you have not spoken with a psychic about the psychic attack you are experiencing, this might be a very wise choice. Although you can follow the recommendations for protecting yourself, it’s good to have as much information as possible. By consulting with a psychic online, within the span of a few minutes, they may be able to help you protect yourself successfully. You can find reputable psychics that have helped many people who have gone through psychic attacks and have survived by working with these trained individuals.

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