Are You Psychic? 7 Ways To See If You Are Psychic

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If you have ever been told that you have psychic abilities, you may wonder what that actually means. This is a common topic that many people talk about today. Although it can have many different meanings because of the many definitions of what psychic powers are, you may want to understand what your particular gift is and how to use it. There are some people that believe that psychic energy, or psychic abilities, revolve around dark magic or could be somebody’s imagination. However, there are many scientific studies that have been done revolving around psychic powers, especially ESP, which have shown some promise in defining what these powers actually are. Here is a quick test to answer the question “Are You Psychic?”, and if you do, how you can use them to your advantage.

What Is A Psychic?

A psychic, by definition, is an individual that has extrasensory perception. It is often referred to as ESP. This has been studied for decades, and although it may be considered a fringe topic, there is great evidence that supports the actual powers that have been documented by so many different people and scientists. Essentially, if you are psychic, you are able to use innate senses that all of us have. It’s just that many of them are latent, not activated until we are able to do so. This could be the result of a childhood trauma, or an event that awakens you to these proverbial superpowers that thousands of people claim to use. Therefore, although it may be regarded as a pseudoscience, you may actually have powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, or even the ability to move objects with your mind. Although that last one seems far-fetched, there are studies that have shown that people can control small objects, and even computer systems, with nothing but their thoughts.


The Role Of The Psychic

There are different roles that a psychic can be directly connected to. The most well-known involve stage performers such as magicians that are able to seemingly read your mind, or even hypnotize people and get them to do strange activities. There are also those that can read the minds of people that are not in the room, comprehending information that only that person would know. The clearest evidence of this are those that have the gift of clairvoyance. They are able to talk to the dead. The verification of this information is made by loved ones that simply want to speak with those that have crossed over, and there are many people that have this gift. Popular psychics including John Edward, Sylvia Brown, and many others have been seen on national television. There are even individuals that purport to have psychic powers to find ancient artifacts, gold, and they have even been used by police departments to locate criminals or killers. Know the answer to are you psychic or not often begins with a little history on the biggest names in the industry.

Famous Psychics You May Have Heard Of

Although John Edward and Sylvia Brown are very well known in this industry, there are others that may not be as contemporary. For example, Edgar Casey, an individual that lived decades ago, was able to not only prescribe natural remedies for people that were ill, but was able to also look into past lives. Another psychic by the name of Ingo Swann was well known in the 1970s. He was part of a program called SRI. In fact, Stanford Research Institute used his strategies for obtaining information psychically to develop the multimillion dollar remote viewing program that was funded by the government. Yet despite all of these individuals that apparently had very unique gifts, there are still those that will state it is nothing but self-delusion and pseudoscience.

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The Critics Of Psychic Powers

There will always be skeptics when discussing topics such as ESP. These are typically scientists, or just skeptics, the do not believe anything outside of the scientific realm. They need to see repeatability, and since many psychics are not able to produce results on demand, they will point to these events to show that clearly psychic abilities are not real. What they tend to overlook is that many of the psychic powers that people have are going to manifest spontaneously. People will often see a vision of someone calling them, or will know something about another person, without even trying to obtain this information. That is why so many people believe that they are psychic, at least to some degree, and it would be nice to have a test that could show people how psychic they actually are. So are you psychic? There are tests that can help you determine just how psychic you are.

Are There Tests That Can Prove That Your Psychic?

There are many websites that are dedicated to helping people understand whether or not they are psychic. In most cases, they will have people try to predict cards that are going to be shown, or cards from a card deck, in order to determine their predictive psychic capabilities. This information is said to come from something called the Akashic records, a place that serves as a repository for everything that has happened, is happening, and will soon occur. There are others that will use religion to help determine if they are psychic, often leaning upon the possibility that angels are providing them with this information. For those that are not religious, animal readings are also done. They will connect with what they call their familiar in order to receive information. Still others will use psychography, which is a process by which you will automatically write whatever comes to mind, in an attempt to see how psychic you really are.

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Are You Psychic? 7 Ways To Know If You Are A Psychic

There are seven simple strategies you can use to determine if you are psychic. Let’s go over each of them

Write Down Information That Comes To Mind

This first test is the easiest. You will simply keep a journal all day of the random thoughts that come in your mind. What you may notice is that, throughout the day, or perhaps even weeks later, what you are thinking about has actually come to pass.

Write Down Your Dreams

Another way to determine if you are psychic is to consider the dreams that you have every day. There are many people that swear that the dreams that they have on a weekly basis have predictive capabilities.

Watch Out For Your Favorite Numbers

Most people have favorite numbers that they have likely used for many years. It could be their birthday, a favorite number from their childhood, or perhaps a series of numbers that would be impossible to accidentally find throughout the day. By watching out for those numbers, and then considering where and when you saw them, they can often have predictive capabilities.


Meditation is typically something associated with becoming more balanced, but it’s also a great way to enhance your psychic powers. You must remember that meditation is a way of quieting your mind, and when you do, information that would otherwise be blocked by your fixation on the world around you will have the ability to come into your mind. If any of those thoughts that you have lead to events that actually transpired, this will be an indication that you are psychic.


When we are eating food on a regular basis, our body is comfortable. However, fasting actually causes chemical changes within the body which can affect the way that we process information. By fasting, at least once a week, it is during this time that information will be imparted to you. It takes dedication, but it has certainly helped many people determine if they are psychic

Meet With Other Psychics

The only way to truly enhance your psychic abilities is to meet with like-minded people. They may have insight on how you can easily determine what your psychic abilities are because they also have them.

Notice What You Notice

This is a phrase that has been used by many people that do hands-on healing or practice psychic abilities. It is another way of simply stating that you need to become more aware of the present moment, instead of fixated on your regrets of the past and the problems that you will have in the future. By allowing your mind to focus on the moment, it will allow your psychic abilities to become more apparent.

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In conclusion, you now have to ability to know are you psychic or not. If you don’t know, you want to consider all of the steps to help enhance your psychic powers. Psychic abilities have been documented for centuries, and it is possible that you have many of them. Whether you develop clairvoyance, divination, psychometry, precognition, or even telepathy, all of these gifts will be much easier to discern by using the seven strategies presented. It will allow you to finally know if you are psychic or not, and once you realize what your powers are, you can then begin to develop them to your full potential.

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