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The Practice of Breaking a Coconut Before a Deity

We have all seen and come across the divine practice of breaking a coconut before a deity prior to start of anything new, or buying something new. This is known to be auspicious, but there is a certain beautiful philosophy behind the entire ritual. Breaking a coconut may be seen as a kind of reminder to a worshipper, that in order to form a union with the supreme being, he must become pure as the core of a coconut.

The Most Popular Tarot Card Spreads Are About Love

Love is on the minds of most people these days for various reasons. Tarot cards help us to understand relationships.

Answers From a Psychic That Might Surprise You

Everyone always wants to hear something good coming out of their psychic reading. However, many psychics will tell you something that you simply do not want to hear.

Is Libra Being a Bit Moody in Your Love Relationship This Year?

You may be surprised to find your Libra being a bit moody this year. Don’t blame yourself because this article will explain to you what may be going on.

A Gemini May Have Success in Finding a Job in the Next Few Months

The zodiac sign Gemini is about to have success with jobs. You can learn a lot by understanding your zodiac calendar.

How to Differentiate Between Chalk and Cheese While Consulting a Psychic Reader

Psychic reading covers a wide spectrum of mystic art that might include Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance and many more, most of which are beyond the scope of conventional scientific study and research. Practitioners of such art claim to possess supernatural powers and divine gifts, and they have transformed this into a multi-billion dollar industry globally. While the ingenuity of their claim is subject to further study, there are some who simply tricks people with cold reading.

Introduction to Psychics

A psychic is seen as a person capable of sensing certain things, which normal people cannot register with normal perception. This perception can, among others, be related to guessing certain things about people who are not in the same space with the help of an object that belongs to that person. This trick is called psychometry.

Which Tarot Deck Is Better?

The choice of deck depends on how you prefer to do readings, how your intuition works and how much you like or need your imagination to be stimulated! Tarot Readings or for that matter any psychic work, primarily works through our innate (or developed) capacity to imagine and whether we are visual or Kinesthetic (intuition is through touch or body sensations).

Are You a Medium? The 5 Signs You’ve Got the Gift

Who else would love to be able to communicate with spirits and other side? Think you’ve got to be born with some sort of super duper psychic gift to be able to have extraordinary experiences with the wild, weird and wonderful world that awaits? The truth is, one of the things that frustrates me more than anything is reading all of the new age nuttiness and spiritual silliness that surrounds the topic of spirit communication.

Are Mediums Legitimate? (This May Change Your Mind)

Q: Are all mediums real? Is it possible for a psychic or medium to only appear to be accurate, when in reality they are actually making it up? What about mediums who are “on” SOME of the time, for some of the people.

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